Welcome to One Hundred Days.

A Good life is not necessarily a pleasurable one.

What is this experiment?

This blog is an attempt at improving myself over next one hundred days in following areas of life:

  • Health
  • Mind
  • Knowledge
  • Social Growth
  • Professional Growth

Contrary to setting SMART goals, I have deliberately kept my options open as setting hard goals does not work because of a number of reasons mostly phychological.

It turns out that SMART Goals work very somewhat within the context of group dynamics when you are facing outwards and you meeting your goals helps your group or others achive something tangible. You are motivated to achive in such scenarious due to multiple reasons.

  1. For one you do not want to look like a loser in front of people.
  2. You genuinely want to help the people who depends on you.
  3. Done and Dusted. You don’t have to stick to it for life.

However when same rules are applied to goals only you benefit from, they just fails to work for a number of reasons:

  1. You are an expert at tricking yourself.
  2. You follow rigid schedule and give up when life strikes.
  3. you feel trapped as you are not allowed to move on.

One Hundred days is a big commitment. Why should I waste one third of an year?

Because commitment is required, you don’t get anything real in no commitment models. This is not a improve yourself quickly scheme. This is not a get washboard abs in 4 minutes per day exercise plan either. For an effective system to work, you need to commit and you need to believe. If you do not have a be

Is there an acceptance criteria?

Yes Plan